Non Spill Paint Pots For Kids (Assorted Coloured Lids) Art & Craft Activities

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Pack Includes: x4 or x6 primary coloured non-spill paint pots with lids. Mixture of Red,  Blue, Yellow, Green.

Spill Proof Lids: Our non-spill paint pots allow your child’s imagination to go wild, they can be knocked over without any spillage occurring which makes them ideal for toddlers and young children but also great for parents/ nursery/ school teachers as they avoid the messy cleanup afterwards.

Fill Line: Please note when adding paint to the Non Spill Paint Pot only fill up to the first line on the paint pot, as shown in the image variations.

Colourful Anti-Spill Paint Pots: Each set comes in four primary colours, offering a variety of vibrant colours makes them more visually appealing to toddlers and young children whilst also learning their primary colours. It also enables you to put the exact colours in the paint pots to match the lids, whilst the clear pots let your kids see clearly what colour is in each paint pot without having to take the lid off.

Dimensions: 96mm height x 85mm width. Weight: 37g which makes them lightweight and easy to use.

Washable, re-usable, suitable for different types of paints and great for toddlers and children to develop their artistic skills.

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Non Spill Paint Pots

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x6 Paint Pots, x4 Paint Pots

1 review for Non Spill Paint Pots For Kids (Assorted Coloured Lids) Art & Craft Activities

  1. Olivia

    Painting usually causes so much mess in the house, however these Non Spill Paint Pots are a life saver! The stoppers on them prevent any paint spilling when my kids are using them. They are great!

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