Approved Supplier of Surewire Limited

By April 23, 2020 June 5th, 2020 Company News
Approved Supplier Of Surewire Limited Junction Boxes

We are pleased to announce that we are a approved supplier of Surewire Limited Junction Boxes. Models SW2L, SW4L, SW6S & SW7ML are now available to purchase in x1, x4 & x10 packs through our website www.tgplastics.com

What are Surewire Pre-Wired Junction Boxes?

Easy Installation. Save Time. Save Money.

Three Surewire product ranges are available. The light and switch electrical junction boxes create independent light and switch circuits, the lighting spur electrical junction boxes create multiple power outputs and the multiple light and switch electrical junction boxes create multiple light connections with a switch connection.

All junction boxes are pre-wired and maintenance free. They can be joined together in any combination to create your required lighting circuit. Surewire can also be integrated into any current lighting system.

Surewire Pre-wired Maintenance Free Light and Switch Junction Boxes SW4L & SW2L

Each model has 2 power in/out connections and a number of independent light and switch connections.

SW4L-MF & SW2L-MF are 4 & 2way pre-wired light and switch junction boxes respectively.

SW2L-MF has been designed for the addition of extra lighting including extensions, conservatories, garages, lofts and outdoor lighting etc

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Surewire Pre-wired Maintenance Free Lighting Spur Junction Box SW6S

The SW6S-MF is a Surewire pre-wired maintenance free lighting spur electrical junction box.

Each model has a number of power connections.

SW6S-MF has 6 power connections. Any connection can be used for the power input and the remaining connections are power outputs. These products can be used for multiple lighting systems and downlights.

For multiple lighting systems the Surewire lighting spur junction box can be used to divert power to various locations and connected to the Surewire light and switch or Surewire multiple light and switch electrical junction boxes. For multiple downlights the Surewire lighting spur junction box can be connected to the light connection of a Surewire light and switch electrical junction box to create multiple light connections.

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Surewire Pre-wired Maintenance Free Multiple Light and Switch Junction Box SW7ML

Each model has 2 power in/out connections, a switch connection and a number of light connections.

SW7ML-MF has 7 light connections.

This model is used for downlights where a switch is required. It can be used in conjunction with other Surewire electrical junction boxes or a replacement for current lighting systems. This model can be used to replace a loop-in ceiling rose for downlights.

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